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College Counseling


Working in a one-to-one setting, students have the opportunity to hone their academic skills in the areas in which they are struggling. An initial intake meeting is scheduled to discuss presenting problems, review and complete paperwork, and conduct an informal assessment. Following the intake meeting, I will review diagnostic evaluations and other relevant materials, in order to develop an educational plan that will be presented to the client at the following session.

Using a variety of research-based tools and techniques, I work with each student to develop straight-forward, easily understandable methods to access the school curriculum. By tailoring and scaffolding instruction, clients are able to build a foundation of primary skills. Educational Therapy is not a traditional scholastic tutoring session in which homework or school projects are the focus. However, if an assignment lends itself to a particular skill we are working on, it will be incorporated into our lesson. When working with students who are struggling with executive function, incorporating schoolwork is more common. In addition, organization, time management, and long-term assignment planning may also be integrated into the sessions.

ED Therapy
  • Receptive Language

  • Phonological processing

  • Reading Comprehension   

  • Decoding

  • Encoding/ Spelling

  • Semantics

  • Vocabulary development

  • Encoding/ Spelling

  • Expressive Language

  • Writing Mechanics

  • Essay Writing

  • Critical thinking (higher-order cognition)

  • Working memory

  • Test-taking and study skill

  • Executive Function Skills

    • Planning and prioritizing

    • Organizational skills

    • Materials management

    • Time management

    • Cognitive flexibility


My goal is to take a holistic approach to college counseling for all types of students.


Each student is unique. Their interests and accomplishments require an individualized approach that will guide their college exploration. Although the basic steps and tasks may be universal, their preferences are distinct. As the process unfolds, I work closely with 11th-grade students on creating a “wish list” based on their unique criteria, while seniors are more focused on the application process before them. As an educator who has taught written expression for more than 18 years, I enjoy working one-on-one with these students to write their application essays and supplemental essays.  


Additionally, I specialize in helping students who might require a more supportive environment for their higher education experience. Understanding the intricacies and nuances of this process is key to unlocking a more proactive, student-friendly experience. For example, it’s important to note that all universities are bound by the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA), not the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA). For those that are familiar with IEP protocol, IEP, 504, and Neuropsychological or Psychoeducational Assessment will allow services as needed, as long as they are up-to-date (within 3 years of the application). Advising students and parents on some of these basic guidelines and providing insight can offer a distinct advantage during this pivotal time. Once a student has been accepted,  I am available as an ongoing resource to help navigate the world of college-student services. 




During 10th, 11th, and 12th grade, we will focus on the following steps and timeline to stay on track to submit college applications.

11th grade:

  • Explore summer opportunities to boost experiences

  • Pick classes for junior and senior years

  • Develop a preferred college list (11th)

  • Discuss recommenders  (11th)

July/August going into 12th grade:

  • Finalize the “list you love”

  • Essay planning and writing

  • Application task management and completion

From Juniors embarking on the college search to September Seniors working on their transition to higher education, my goal is to streamline the process with insights and thoughtful guidance every step of the way.

Over the past 15 years, my clients have been accepted to colleges and universities that are on their preferred wish lists and that align with their specific profiles. Featured below are just a few of these institutions—with Fall 2024 acceptances still rolling in!

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